Churches can receive donations by ATM debit cards and credit cards,  

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This Site allows individuals to make a variety of electronic donations  to their church. We provide three donation payment methods: 

  • Electronic Checks or Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • Credit Cards  
  • Debit Cards

On-line debit and credit card donors do not have to be registered to donate, however their church must have an account with MyChurchDonations. For security purposes, donations by Electronic Checks do require donor registration. Registration is free, secure, and has the added benefit of an online account ledger. The accounting ledger includes all methods of donations. All registered donors can receive an online accounting of all their donations any time they wish.

Click Here to become a Registered Donor to use Electronic Checks or to have your own account ledger listing all of your donations.

If you are unsure if your church has an existing account enabling them to receive your electronic payment, click here and enter the name of your church in the search form.  

MyChurchDonations is no longer processing credit or debit card donations. After 16 years of providing donation services to churches and donors we have closed the site. Accounting functions will continue to be available to church administrators for a period of time.



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For Churches and Organizations

MyChurchDonations makes it easy and economical for Churches to accept electronic donations for offerings, tithe, and other gifts. Your members and visitors can easily return their tithes and offerings with their ATM, Debit, and Credit Cards by completing a simple authorization form. They can then place the form in the offering plate or give it to the church office.

Your donors can also make their financial contribution to your church from their home or office at their convenience. They simply go on-line with MyChurchDonations and make their preferences known. The donation is then processed with full accounting and deposited into your church bank account. Registered donors can have access to their own donation history and the church office will have an accounting of all donations made to your church.

Online donations can also be made by Electronic Checks. This is the most economical method that allows donors to contribute online. It eliminates the handling of checks and envelopes and minimizes the accounting for your office.

Your church's Website can also include a Link to our online donation page setup specifically for your church. A custom link on your web page opens a separate window so donors can make online gifts to your church without leaving your church's Website.

Churches that partner with MyChurchDonations provide their parishioners and visitors the additional donation options of using Electronic Checks, ATM, debit, or credit cards. All of these benefits without having to establish a costly merchant account and buy or lease expensive equipment.

If you are a Church Administrator and would like to:

  • Increase donor options while making it more convenient for members to give.
  • Multiply church donations and improve cash flow.
  • Respect the preferences of donors who desire additional giving options.

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Not sure about accepting debit or credit cards?  Here are some considerations.

Surprises and Hidden Charges with some Merchant Accounts.

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